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Mid Republic Romans 10mm

Hastati Strips Century
Triarii Strips
ibirian light
Principes Attack Supported
velites on base wolf unsup close up
Hastati Strips
Triarii attack sep
Triarii Strips close up
Republic all
Triarii Strips attack
Principes Strips
Hastati Seperates
hastati attack sep
Triarii Strips attack close up
hastati attack sep sup
cavalry on close up
Principes attack sep sup
Principes attack sep unsup
Hastati Attack Angle
command cav
Principes Attack unsup all
ibirian light close up
Hastati Attack
Hastati Strips close up
command muse and guard
command banners
velites on base unsup close up
velites all
Hastati Attack Close up
Triarii Strips attack century
Triarii seperated
Principes Attack unsup
Principes seperated
command cent
Principes Attack unsup close up
Triarii Century
Principes Strips close up